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I haven't been able to keep this account active ask-wise, so from now on, this account is for role-play only. All my art will still be in the gallery (just moved to a different folder) and I'll still upload some of my Midna artwork here sometimes. Well, that's that! See ya later!

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This Account is Now a RP Account. Any Asks Given to Me WILL NOT be Answered.

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Ask-Henry-fromPlegia Mar 31, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woah, you seem to be a magical... creature? Woman? You can transform from a little animal back into a woman? Wow, nyahaha! Wish I could be a half-animal, too! You're lucky!
Rusl-Of-Ordon Mar 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why hello, Princess of Twilight. ))
Link could be seen wandering by, going towards the castle on his beautiful brown mare, Epona his cobalt blue eyes glowing in the moonlight, his dirty blond hair flowing in the wind as he proceeds to make Epona go faster.
It had been many months since she left the Light World. Maybe even years? It was hard to tell time in a world with no sun nor moon. During that time, she had learned a great secret- the world on Twilight literally intersects with the Light World during their hour of Twilight. Midna clearly remembers how she was revived by the Light Spirits, yet did not instantly die at the exposure to the Light, even when she was without Zelda's power. She was aware that she was the only Twili who could survive in the world of Light,- and she planned to make use of all of this information.

Today was the day. She had crossed over to the Light world via portal as soon as the Hour of Twilight had begun. She decided to stay there for a day or two, but not too long so she didn't worry her people. Midna had teleported to the Castle Town warp point, and soon decided that a visit with Zelda would be in order to let her know the great news. But why hurry? The moon had already risen, and Midna decided to enjoy the cool night air before slinking along the Castle Town's shadows as she made her way to Princess Zelda.

Little did she know, a dear friend would soon cross her path...
Link slowly trotted up to the entrance and climbed off, he started petting Epona's head, he felt a strange presence but simply ingnored it as just a feeling.
Thanks for the faaav
((You're welcome~))
Thanks for the fave!!! :-DDDD
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